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Heavylift Simulator
Heavylift Simulator

The majority of the great maritime disasters have their origin in human errors caused by inadequate education or training and safety routine.

Safety and security on board are manifested by the ISM / ISPS and various ISO specifications.

  • But how does your crew actually respond to fire on board?
  • How does the crew carry out boat maneuvers?
  • How does the crew practise anti-piracy measures?

We'll document independent internal audits of the actual standard of training of your crew.

Individual crew training will specially work on
the detected weaknesses in education and training.

C. J. M. C. supported in all ISM / ISPS and ISO issues.

Handing of Certificate

The services package contains internal audits, photo documentation, assistance in anti-piracy-operations and practical instruction on board (on-board training) as well as practical suggestions for your Captain to raise the standard of education or to maintain a high level.

Get your crew ready and set the highest possible standard of safety on board your ships - worldwide.

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