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Salvage Consulting · Control

No salvage / wreck removal can be compared with another, each job has different challenges.

Who is sufficiently competent to control a salvage company?

As a Captain of various salvage cranes with a lifting capacity up to 1,600 mt, including grab handling, I participated in some spectacular wreck removals and rescues of floating vehicles.

Here's an excerpt:

MT Petragen One
MT Petragen One

  • Salvage: M/T "PETRAGEN ONE" DWT: 29.950 tons in Algeciras Bay
    After a serious explosion at the pier
  • Salvage: M/T "CAMPONAVIA" DWT: 6,500 tons, in Algeciras Bay
    After a heavy explosion and sinking at the pier
  • Removal / demolition / diving work of several hundred meters Tankerpier including 800 mt lifts, in Algeciras Bay
  • Salvage: M/S "ÖSTFART" DWT: coaster, Sweden
    sunk with grain cargo
  • Salvage: M/S "KAFFRARIA" DWT: coaster, Elbe / D
    Sunk 90 years ago, due to ice
  • Recovery: Sterntrawler "KLAKKUR" tipped over
    in the dock, Cuxhaven / D. Restored and stabilized
  • Salvage: M/S "SCANVIK" DWT: coaster, Scandinavia
  • Salvage: Dredger, Baltic Sea
    Floating keel up, turned around and moved to port
  • Salvage: new tractor tug on rocks, Finland
    Lifted from the rock and taken into drydock
  • e.g.

Salvage Coaster
Salvage Coaster

A number of additional salvage and wreck removals witness a total of experiences which only few colleagues can prove.

Contacts are authorities, insurance companies, shipping companies and all institutions that are interested in an environmentally sound, safe and affordable salvage or wreck removal.

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